This year at Beleza Pura Medical we decided against offering any kind of New Years Resolution promotion. Research shows that the popular practice of these resolutions often results in more self-damage due to the disappointment due to failure to stick with the often lofty goals we set. This unfortunately leads to less self-compassion and a loss of SELF LOVE.
This is why we are so excited to announce our Self Love Sale! During this limited promotion, we will be offering 20% OFF any procedure, even up to a full a Mommy Makeover with natural fat transfers! From day one when we opened our clinic, we have been 100% about safe, natural, permanent solutions that restore the benefits of youth that may have been lost with age, through childbirth, or even as a result of genetics. We are big on body positivity and don’t focus on augmenting the unnatural. Our goal is to help YOU increase your confidence on both the inside and out and to safely achieve the body goals you’ve been dreaming of with guaranteed results that last!
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